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Take Me As I Am

18, westcoastFL,
I expect way too much from people because I know I'm wiling to do anything & everything. I'm hard headed but have the biggest heart, it makes no sense. I can't let myself think that people do wrong to others on purpose, I forgive too easily, I care too much, and I love more than unconditionally. I've never met a person that cared about me more than I cared about them and I don't mind. I can't hurt people because I know what it's like, I can't fake feelings because they become so real. I hope for the best but prepare for the worst. I'm not an optimist, to me I think of every bad thing that could happen but make myself feel better by thinking of every good thing that could happen. My heart is so easy to break. I'm paranoid, annoying, afraid of being hurt..I live for the people who prove me wrong. Maybe 99 of 100 people will disappoint you, but you find the magic of the world in the marginal error.